~ Wedding  Stationery ~ Business Stationery ~ Paintings ~ Illustrations ~ Logo Design ~  ~Vintage and Retro Inspired ~

Anything you so desire.

An avid drawer since her kindergarten days, Annabelle fast grew her skill set to include illustration, painting, graphic design and too many crafts to count. This growth has lead her up the yellow brick road to her very own business:  Annabelle Lee Illustration & Design. Based in Australia, Annabelle is hard working and  exceedingly creative and she has received many commissions and created many beautiful artworks- and she is always ready for more! So, if you have any design, illustration or general artwork needs, check out her contact page.

If you wish to commission her, Annabelle will create a package that suits your desires and budget. She will help you throughout the process and keep you updated so that you can interact while she creates the piece you have been dreaming of. Check out her prices and packaging pages for more.


In the past, Annabelle has created logos, booklets, fairy-tale character illustrations, business cards,  landscape paintings and portraits, among many other things. She is in the process of completing a Certificate IV in Visual Arts and aspires to become a full time artist and teach others how to set themselves free in artwork.


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